Read the Bible & Pray

The best way to really understand Jesus and get to understand his teachings is to set some time aside to read the Bible and pray.

Sometimes both these items can be Intimidating and therefore offer up the following recommendations:

1. Start off slow and use a Bible App on your phone that can track your Bible Reading providing you a set # of scriptures to cover each day. Some of these programs will even send you a reminder to read and will allow you to catch up if you miss a few days.

One of my favorites is --> Bible Gateway

If you choose to use your phone you can access the Bible Gateway by accessing it from the store on either your Android or IOS device

2. When sitting down to pray, try to find a place where you will not be disturbed. Don't walk into this thinking you’re going to pray for 2 hours but rather start by praying 5-10 minutes. Start by reciting the Lord’s Prayer. Then spend time just talking to your Lord. You should talk to God like he was in the room with you. Talk to him about your day, thank him for things that happen good or bad, ask him a question, ask him to help a friend or family member or even a situation you’re going through.