Meet Our Pastor

Born and raised in Atlanta Georgia, Pastor – Elder David Camp, Jr. comes from a God-fearing religious background.  His parents David Camp, Sr. & Naomi Camp (deceased), made sure that he was well grounded in church from a very early age.  His father was a high ranking career military officer and raised his first 3 boys very regimentally – army style.  This upbringing has proven to be the catalyst that has helped Elder Camp to grow into a person with good work ethics, moral character and a love for God.

In his quest to further his education, Elder Camp got accepted at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) which is one of the more renowned, Engineering Schools in the country.  He excelled at RPI making the dean’s list.   It was there that he visited an Apostolic Pentecostal Church – The Redemption Church of Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc., Elder John Massey, Jr. Pastor.  This is where he received an education that he could never have gotten in academia.  On November 21, 1976, he received the baptism in Jesus Name and received the precious gift of the Holy Ghost (with the evidence of speaking in tongues). With a promising career within his grasp and a new found commitment to God, Elder Camp felt the call of God to ministry.  He answered that call as he embraced the words of the song “Leaving All To Follow Jesus”.  He met his wife, Paulette at the church, and they were married in 1978.  Both Elder & Sister Camp served in ministry at the Redemption Church of Christ for approximately 28 years.  During that time they attended the Redemption Church of Christ Bible Institute where they gained spiritual insight and knowledge in God’s Word.

After 28 years in the service of the Lord, once again Elder Camp felt the call of God to launch out into the deep.  He initially felt that he was to be used in the capacity of helping smaller churches.  While seeking out the leading of the Lord and having weekly prayer meetings, bible studies and devotions in their living room, God started to move on this small group which was mainly composed of family members.  By word of mouth, news spread rapidly of the weekly prayer meetings and bible studies, and how God was moving.  Eventually, additional people, of like faith, joined the group.  Pretty soon the group was way too big to continue meeting in the living room.

Various bible study participants, who desired to have a church in which Elder Camp would become the pastor, presented the proposal of starting a church to Elder & Sister Camp.  After very much prayerful thought and consideration, Elder & Sister Camp sought guidance from established Leaders in the Apostolic Faith and they were encouraged to organize the Agape Apostolic Church of Deliverance. The starting of this church has since served to meet the spiritual needs of the group of people that were looking to them for leadership. Since the inception of the church, Elder David Camp, Jr. has been teaching and preaching the message of salvation through Jesus Christ and preparation for Christ return, in the clouds of glory, at the last trump, under the anointing of Almighty God.  His southern accent tends to sneak out there while he is preaching. He jokingly lets the church know that he is from DOWN SOUTH and that should explain everything (smile).

As the leaders of this church Elder and Sister Camp place emphasis on family unity and reaching out to the poor and needy of the community through Agape Love.  One of the many ways they accomplish this endeavor is through the giving of alms bags containing a bible, food items, toiletries and spiritual literature. Agape Apostolic Church of Deliverance has successfully given away over 1000 bibles in alms bags to date. The church is rapidly growing and God is blessing.

In addition to his ministry endeavors, Elder Camp is a devoted family man and has been married to Sister Paulette L. Camp for more than 31 years. Together, they have successfully raised five children in the fear and admonition of the Lord - Tanya, Shalako, Justin, Brooke and Aaron; as well as 13 grandchildren.  Their love for children has led them to placing special interest on the children’s ministries department of this church.  It is here, where they focus on encouraging the youth to excel and to reach their highest potential. This is facilitated through rewarding their academic, spiritual and social accomplishments with an award certificate and gift certificate, which is given out quarterly.  Elder Camp believes that much focus is placed on the negative behaviors of our youth today, and as such that much more focus should be placed on their positive behaviors to encourage them to continue on that path. For this reason when the youth receive sports awards and other commendations in school, they are acknowledged in the church services as well.

Elder and Sister Camp solicit your prayers as they endeavor to be used as vessels of honor in pursuit of the Master’s will